Este documento apresenta uma visão geral e define a forma como tratamos todas as reclamações de clientes.

1. Introduction

The Company classifies a complaint as any grievance/dissatisfaction involving the activities of those persons under the control of the Company (Employees), relating to the provision by the Company of the investment and/or ancillary services it provides.

The goal of the Company is to deliver a reliable, high-quality and satisfactory response to the complainant.

2. Definitions:

A “Complaint” is a statement of dissatisfaction formally addressed by the Client to the Company regarding the provision of investment and/or ancillary services provided by the Company.

A “Complainant” is any client which is eligible for filing a complaint.

2.1 Scope:

The procedure sets out the method for the submission of complaints with the Company when dealing with complaints received by the clients. The purpose of the Complaint Handling Policy (hereafter “CHP”) outlines the procedures that are implemented when handling client complaints.

3. Procedure for Handling Client Complaints

3.1 How to file a Complaint:

The Complainant/Client can file a complaint to the Company by sending a written complaint to the following email address: [email protected]. All complaints must be in writing and shall be addressed, in the first instance, to the Customer Support  Department.

All clients shall provide the following details when submitting their complaints via email and use the form in the Link:

  • E-mail to [email protected].
  • The client’s name and surname.
  • The clients trading account number.
  • The identification numbers of the relevant orders and positions (if applicable).
  • The date that the issue arose and the description of the issue.
  • Reference of any correspondence exchanged between the Company and the client.

3.2 Handling Complaints:

  • Upon receipt of the complaint, the client shall receive a formal written acknowledgement (via email or by phone call) within five (5) business days by the relevant Department in which it will advise the client the complaint was received and is under review.
  • The complaint will be reviewed and if deemed necessary it will be escalated to the Compliance Department, where the complaint will be addressed to be further verified and investigated.
  • The events leading to the complaint or grievance and all the information provided by the client, will be examined and assessed for the purpose of reaching a fair outcome for both sides.
  • The client will be constantly informed by the Company regarding the handling process of his/her complaint. Particularly, about the findings and proposed solutions that shall be clearly explained in written form to the client within the agreed time frame.
  • If an issue cannot be resolved within the specified period due to the complicated nature of the complaint or if further clarification of circumstances is required, the complainant shall be notified about the new timeframes of response for the complaint. In the event that the Company is unable to respond within a certain time period, it informs the complainant about the reasons for the delay and indicates the period of time within it is possible to complete the investigation.
  • In case the Support Department is unable to respond within a certain time period, it informs the complainant of the reasons for the delay and indicates the period of time within it is possible to complete the investigation.

3.3 Rejecting Complaints

  • The Company has the right to refrain from reviewing a complaint when:
    • The complaint does not comply significantly with the format requirements as outlined in Section 3.1 – How to file a complaint.
    • It does not enable us to identify the applicant’s identity.
    • It includes offensive language directed either to the Company or towards an employee of the Company.

      In such a case, the client shall be notified with the reasoning for why the complaint was not taken into the review process.

4. Escalation of a complaint

In case the Company and client cannot find a suitable solution regarding the complaint and within the designated timeframe, the client has the right to approach the FSA.

5. Record Keeping

The Company shall maintain all complaints for a minimum period of five years, by the Compliance Department.

6. Review of the CHP

This policy will be reviewed and/or amended annually or as needed when considered necessary by the board of directors or when changes or amendments to operating requirements are imminent.

It should be clear that Go4rex aims to provide 100% satisfactory to its clientele. In certain cases although, the company will abide its policies and therefore, complete client satisfaction may not be reached.