KYC policy

In order to verify your account, to prevent fraud, money laundering and allow withdrawal we need you to send us one document from each category:


Proof of Identity (Must be an Official Government Document).

  • Passport (Including signature page).
  • ID (Front and Back).
  • Driver’s License (Front and Back).


Proof of Address on your name from the last 3 months.

  • Bank Statement/ Credit Card Statement.
  • Electricity/Water/Gas Bill.
  • Tax/Insurance/Municipal Bill.
  • Internet/Landline Telephone Bill.


All Credit/Debit Card(s) with which you made the deposit.

From the front, 4 last digits, full name and expiry date must be visible.
From the back, signature must be visible, CVV must be covered.

  • Declaration of Deposit – Signed, scanned / pictured / electronically.
  • Trading Agreement signed by the Credit/Debit Card owner.


*All documents must be on your name, in color, clear and with all visible corners.
**If the Client’s Account is not verified within 30 days from the first deposit, the account will be charged by monthly fee of 20 US Dollars.
***The company reserve the right to reject documents and request for different or additional copies without further explanation.
****All documents must be under the Credit/Debit Card owner name.