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The Go4rex platform makes online trading fast, secure and transparent and puts you firmly in charge of your own investments.

Trade on over 1,000 global assets drawn from the world’s forex, stocks and commodities markets, as well as a range of major indices and enjoy:

Fixed Low cost spreads

Flexible leverage up to x200

Free demo account for practice trading

Optimise your Trading Experience

The Go4rex platform is flexible enough to meet every trading style and requirement.

Live Charts

Follow the performance of trending assets in real time and attempt to predict new trends with our live candlestick, line and popularity charts.

Economic Calendar

Create a personal investment schedule and prepare for market volatility around key economic events, news and major decisions. The economic calendar is continually updated and events are rated by importance and relevance.

Price Alerts

Go4rex price alerts give you the freedom to step back from the markets until they meet your requirements. Set the rate at which you want to enter the markets and receive immediate notification when it’s time to trade.

Risk Management

The automatic stop loss, take profit and order entry tools allow you to maximise your profit potential while reducing your risk of loss. The ‘set and forget’ tools will run in the background, relieving you from the need to monitor open trades.

Trading Signals

Trading signals are provided by one of the financial industry’s leading research houses. They immediately alert you about possible trading opportunities on a real time basis. Although not infallible, trading signals are used by many experienced investors to enhance their own trading strategies.

One-Click Order Execution

En una situación de mercado volátil la ejecución rápida de ordenes puede hacer una gran deferencia en su rendimiento como inversr -particularmente cuando gestiona varias posiciones abiertas. La función de operar con un clic de Go4rex le ayuda a explotar los cambios del mercado en pocos segundos.

Reports and Analysis

Una de las formas más rápidas de mejorar como operador es analizar su propio historial de inversiones y evaluar la efectividad de sus estrategias personales. Nuestro panel inteligente ofrece 5 informes estándar que pueden ayudarle a mejorar sus decisiones de inversión y a desarrollar nuevas estrategias de inversión.

Fine tune your trading with these reports:

Trade actions

Account statement

Summary report

Bonus report

Clearence report

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