Please familiarize yourself with all our official bonus and rewards programs.

The Company offers a variety of attractive Bonus programs to its new and existing Clients, who have activated their trading account. Bonuses and/or financial awards and/or Promotions (“Bonuses”) rewarded to Clients are part of the Company’s Promotions program. These Bonuses are limited time offers and their conditions can be subjected to changes upon written notice given to Clients upon modifications to substantial parts of the conditions agreement. Prior to accepting any Bonus offers, Clients will be given the opportunity to consider the terms &amo; conditions associated with each Bonus scheme to fully understand how the scheme works (as well as its T&C) and provide their consent regarding the acceptance of any possible alterations.

The Clients are not required to accept any Bonuses offered by the Company; all Bonuses are optional. If the Clients will choose not to accept a Bonus, under these circumstances, the Clients will not be bound to the terms & conditions relating to that Bonus. By accepting the offered Bonuses, the Clients will be bound by the guidelines, provisions and terms of the Bonus programs, only if they have fully understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Bonuses and Promotions may come from time to time alongside a volume or trader point requirement, given that requirements vary depending on Bonus and Deposit amounts. The different Bonus programs and Promotions are given at random events and will be added to the clients trading account in one of the following forms:

  1. Pending Bonus:
    Pending Bonus will be added to the trade account balance only after the required trading points have been accumulated. As the company does not wish to restrict a trader’s account, up until the requirement has been met, Bonuses will be kept separate from the trader’s initial funds. With the Bonus being separated from the trader’s initial funds, the trader can withdraw their funds at any given time, in accordance with customary withdrawal terms.
    Note that each Bonus has its own specifications for trader points and expiration. To find out more details, view your Bonus Report.
  2. 1 Trade on Us:
    1 trade on us is a reward granted to eligible investors. It functions in accordance with the simple principle: your account manager familiarizes you with the guaranteed 1 trade on us Bonus, which works in the event the first closed trade, which was placed after the initial (or relevant) deposit, was not beneficial. If the first closed trade, which was placed after the initial (or relevant) deposit, is successful, then the 1 trade on us is void. This Bonus expires in 10 days (including weekends) after the initial (or relevant) deposit. If the trader becomes eligible for the 1 trade on us, it will be added to their account upon request, or in some cases within 14 business days.
  3. Birthday Bonus
    The Bonus is offered as a daily e-mail to those clients, who maintain a real and verified account, on the day of their birthday and for the period of seven (7) days from the day of their birthday.


    1. Clients who deposit the minimum amount of $/€/£ 250 receive:
      I. 20% trade on us
      II. 50% discount on account types
    2. New clients: 200% Welcome Bonus (pending) on first deposit.

      The bonus is added to the trading account and can be withdrawn only when appropriate trader points have been acquired. If the client had an active bonus before accepting the new bonus, the trading points for each bonus will have to be completed before any of them can be released.

All of the Company’s additions to the Bonus terms are final.

The Clients are hereby invited to utilize the Company’s Bonus in a rightful and justified manner, according to the terms and conditions of this agreement. The Company reserves the right to cancel and even close the trader’s account if it suspects any form of abuse or wrong doing of the Bonus by the trader, which include reasons as stated in section 23.

The company is to single-mindedly conclude and decide upon whether clients have abused and/or misused its platform and/or its Bonuses.

All of the Bonuses and favoring benefits should be utilized in accordance with the offer’s predefined time period.

In the event of abuse and/or misuse of the Bonus terms, the Company is entitled to revoke the Bonus. Should this be the case, the company’s decisions shall be final. Any change within the Bonus terms and conditions is reserved to be revoked solely by the company, and later displayed on its website.

The acceptance to the reception of the Bonus, terms and conditions, and its addition to the trader’s account bind the trader to the Bonus’s terms and conditions here above and hereinafter.

Unless stated otherwise, in writing on the Company’s Site, it shall be a standard term of any and all Bonuses that, in order to make a withdrawal the Client will be required to perform a total trading volume (in Standard Lots) of at least 10% of the total Bonus amount awarded to him (the “Withdrawal Threshold”). The required trading volume should be carried out within 45 days.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the abovementioned calculation method shall comply with the following example: (Total Bonus awarded to the Client/ 10) = Amount of required Trading Points while each Trading Point equals 1 Standard Trading Lot.

Once the Withdrawal Threshold has been reached, withdrawals shall be made in accordance with the Site’s T&C. In any case in which such Withdrawal Threshold has not been made by the Client completely, Client shall not be eligible for the partial and/or any bonus-profit amount he has accumulated.